Model Airplane FAQ v1.15

Gerrit Hiddink

This is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list, with answers of course, for model airplanes. The questions and their answers were taken from the newsgroups rec.models.rc.air and rec.models.rc.soaring, while some information was also `kannabilized' from the Murray Lane FAQ. This FAQ was last updated in october 1998, so it does not seem to be maintained anymore. I've therefor taken the liberty to merge it with my FAQ. This FAQ is organized in sections and subsections. The subsections contain questions, with one or more answers. The original author of the answer is indicated in the header of each answer. If the answers are really fragmented, then I'll take the editorial freedom to create one consistent answer. You can find an index of all questions here: . I hope this FAQ brings you the answers to many questions, so that you will be able to fly happily ever after. So here goes!