Information must be free!

Sometimes, information is withheld from the public for political or economic reasons. If some persons already have (access to) these informations (sometimes in the form of computer software), then they are intimidated, threathened with "cease and desist" letters and their Internet Service Providers are often also intimidated.
Yet, I believe that is extremely dangerous in a society when posession of information or computer software is made illegal. Of course, distributing copyrighted works should be illegal, and one should respect a person's privacy. But except for privacy and copyrights, information should be free to posess!

So here is a list of pieces of information (and programs) that are hunted down by some parties:

Software Patents

The European Patents Office is considering to allow software patents in Europe. That means that companies can patent common software techniques such as `using null instructions to slow down a program'. We all did this back in the eighties on our Sinclair ZX81! Sign the pitition now to make yourself heard. You have until november 2000. Prevent American patenting practices in Europe!

"The Internet views censorship as damage and routes around it"

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