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Growing Better Software
Vocalizer (educational software)
KleineBre's GIMP image gallery
A port of Richard Garriott's Dungeons and Dragons #1
KleineBre's Electro stuff
The Inner Project
Media Page
OpenSCAD page
osmzip/osmunzip: Tracker Module (De)Compressor
ChiliAudio (vaporware)
FLTK stuff
Blog. Mostly documenting what problems I ran into and their solutions.
Various scripts
Got a feature request or project idea that will be of use to the general public? Contact me for custom programming.

To contact me, use one of the following:
  • Email to mrjb.dnd.utwente.nl (replace the first dot with an @)
  • ICQ: 45738902
  • MSN: kleinebre@hotmail.com
  • AIM: kleinemrjb