KleineBre's food album

Contest cooking

5 minutes of fame: ITV's Britain's Best Dish
Reading, Steady, Cook!

Weird and wonderful (or just mad?)

Home-made dragee pan.
Vertically-separated fluid, Heston style
My attempt at making "meat fruit" grapes. Bit too bumpy and dull, but good enough to fool a two-year old.
Bacon-and-egg ice ceam, old style.
Red cabbage gazpacho with English/Dijon mustard ice cream
Salmon in a liquorice gel (all wrong!)
Risotto with cauliflower veloute, cocoa jelly (very wrong but very tasty)
Deep fried mayonnaise, loosely based on the recipe by W. Dufresne.

Illustrated experiments

Krupuk (tapioca crackers) - for small batches and with a non-traditional twist
Making "cendol" goo drops for Indonesian "Es campur", mixed ice.
Making Dutch style liquorice from scratch. Pictures only. Without a dehydrator it turned out softer than store-bought liquorice.
Making traditional Portuguese "Alheira" garlic sausages
A better way to stuff sausages without fancy equipment- and a more British twist.

Quick and simple

These recipes are not high-level cookery, but good for fast and still tasteful dining.
Quick chicken curry for two


You will find Indonesian recipes on my Indonesian food page.

Indonesian style

These are recipes in Indonesian style or inspired by Indonesian cooking, but not necessarily authentic.
Egg in sweet and spicy sauce
Ayam sate- Chicken marinated in satay style


Bolognese sauce
Pizza dough

Traditional stuff

These recipes are foodstuffs most people don't cook- generally they are (very) perishable, traditional foodstuffs that are easy to buy in the country of origin and/or difficult to transport abroad (or in the case of foods containing meat- possibly illegal as well).


Pasteis de nata


Krupuk (tapioca crackers) - for small batches and with a non-traditional twist


Babi panggang (Dutch 'Chinese' version)
Bitterballen / kroketten
Broodje VB


Char siu
Beijing roast duck

Random recipes

Jamaican jerk beef
Swedish meat balls
Whiskey steak