Before downloading an ALPHA version

ALPHA versions of this software are versions that are either UNTESTED or TESTED AND KNOWN TO HAVE CRITICAL BUGS.

As such, it is important to assume that these versions will destroy all audio on your drives; you should make backups of all audio on any HD24 drive that you use with the below versions of HD24tools.

By downloading and using the software below, you agree to do so entirely at your own risk. If you are not willing to take a risk with the audio on your HD24 drives, please DO NOT DOWNLOAD any of the versions below.

The below versions are provided FOR TESTING/EXPERIMENTAL PURPOSES ONLY.

Please report back any issues that you find, if possible with steps to reproduce them.
Thank you!

Note specific to HD24tools 1.0.0alpha14-1.0.0alpha17: This version has passed all automated tests on all platforms and could be considered a pre-release. However, not all functionality is being automatically tested yet. Because of this, the above disclaimers about data corruption etc. still apply. This version is still not 100% safe to use.

Select the version for your platform:

Platform Version File
MacOSX (All)
1.0.0 alpha17
1.0.0 alpha17
Linux (Ubuntu/Debian based distros)
1.0.0 alpha14
Linux (RPM based distros)
1.0.0 alpha14
The slightly more balanced version of all the disclaimers above: You should in principle be able to use these versions safely AS LONG AS YOU TAKE DUE PRECAUTIONS. The "at your own risk" part still applies as much as ever, but with the right workflow it is in principle possible to safely transfer audio from HD24 drives to computer and transfer back audio to a (different, freshly formatted) HD24 drive without big risks of losing anything important. This safe workflow involves ensuring that you have backups before transfers, and writing audio only to drives that do not contain any other important audio. In other words: enjoy, but proceed with caution. It's probably a terribly bad idea at this point in time to transfer audio to HD24 drives that are chock-full of important audio of which you have no backups. Thank you for your attention.
Linux users: If you're comfortable building from source, the latest is always available on sourceforge.