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TrackArm box
A small handy box which will arm all tracks through MIDI MMC, at the push of a button.

£25,- (UK) Email
with 'HD24 track arm' in the subject, and leave your details to order.
HD24 compatible drive bay
Various models. To ensure compatibility, see About page for more detail.

VariesAvailable from:
HD24 compatible caddy (IDE)
Just the caddies to hold drives.

$10 (US)
Available from:
HD24 power supply
Alesis no longer has these. If a refurbished supply is acceptable to you, follow the link provided. You may send your own broken supply to be fixed or for a rebate.
In the ballpark of "something like $130, and $50 [rebate] for the bad unit" Pro Digital, Inc.
LRC (Little Remote Control)

These can often be found on eBay - Although the labeling on the case may differ, the internals of all ADAT LRC remote controls are equal, so if you need a replacement remote you may be able to harvest the internal board from any LRC and house them in your current LRC. The cable is the most likely thing to break; if you're comfortable using a soldering iron, you may be able to repair your LRC.
$42.95 (US)Instrumental parts
(Also appears to have several other HD24 related spare parts)
SATA to IDE converter

Alan's SATA-to-IDE converting caddy has sold out. Alesis have released a branded SATA-to-IDE converting caddy, but if that's too expensive for you, consider trying this product. Although people have reported varying results using off-the-shelf SATA-to-IDE converters, at least one of our group members has reported success using this particular model (for over 3 years!)
$18.50 (US)Addonics

Please leave me a note if you want to request other HD24 related products or if you want to suggest other sources for HD24 related products.