Here are a few recommendations that will help you get the most out of your HD24 recorder.

  • Use a UPS to prevent power failures.

  • Prefer recording to freshly (quick-)formatted drives. This will help prevent data loss. In the event that a power failure occurs, it will also make it easier to recover your audio.

  • In the event of a power failure, do not continue recording to the same drive. This will overwrite your previous take (if you did not pre-record silence).

  • Subscribe to the HD24 group on Yahoo Groups. It is the prime source of information about the HD24.

  • Read the Wikipedia page about the HD24.

  • HD24tools works well in combination with the very cost-effective ViPowER VP-1028LSF USB2.0 SwapRACK. This drive bay is hot-swappable, making it possible to swap HD24 drives while the PC is switched on.

  • It is possible to pre-record silence with a length greater than the expected duration of a live session. If a power failure should occur, the drive will remain in a consistent state and no data recovery will be necessary. However, more I/O will take place on the HD24, as audio is both being read and written while recording. This will make the HD24 more sensitive to dropouts in loud environments. This is especially a problem when all tracks are in use.

  • If you need additional functionality in HD24tools, you can request it.