Technical documentation

This page contains a collection of (links to) HD24-related files and technical documentation. No guarantees are made about their accuracy or relevance.


File Description
HD24 page on Alesis' website. Docs & Downloads section is recommended.
Wikipedia entry on the HD24
ADAT project
Description and FPGA implementation of the ADAT lightpipe. Note that like the ADAT sync pinout, the actual live implementation differs from the patent description.
Description of SysEx information supported by Alesis BRC
Plain ASCII textfile containing the reverse-engineered schematic of the Little Remote Control (LRC)
Wavefront AL1402G OptoRec Data Sheet.pdf
Data sheet of ADAT optical decoder IC
Wavefront AL1401AG OptoGen Data Sheet.pdf
Data sheet of ADAT optical encoder IC
ADAT sync 9-pin connector pinout
PDF containing patent text of ADAT sync connector. Note that the correct pinout differs from this patent description.
Reverse engineered spec of the FST file system used by the HD24.
Pinout of motorola 26-pin bdm debugging interface used on HD24 mainboard
HD24 remote control software
This page describes how to hook up the ADAT sync port to allow controlling ADATs through software.